Note: There is no available parking behind The Callagy Building for Stowe Office Share. Folks must utilize the public parking on Main Street. 2-3 hour parking is available along Main Street and longer parking is available behind the Stowe Community Church at the head of the recreation path.



Stowe Office Share is located in The Callagy Building at 166 South Main Street. This co-working office space is a place for freelancers, startups, creatives, sales people, and other like-minded individuals who need a quiet professional place to work. All members have access to shared cubicles, a conference room for meetings or phone calls set up with Chromecast, a work bar and 50Mbps WiFi.


All members have access to:
• 50Mbps WiFi
• Conference Room
• Chromecast
• Cubicles
• Work Bar
• 24-hour access



Coworking Courtesies

If you are new to the office share concept, a few things to be mindful of as others are working around you:

There is no available parking from 7am – 6pm MF behind the Callagy Building for Stowe Office Share. Even if there are empty spaces when you arrive, they are designated so please don’t park here. Stowe Office Share members, during weekdays, must utilize the public parking on Main St/Rte 100. There is ample 2-3 hour parking available along Main St for short-term office visits. Longer term parking is available behind the Stowe Community Church at the head of the recreation path and Depot Street.   

Let's all be respectful of other members, all the time. Let's foster a professional and vibrant and creative environment by enabling others to work with a minimum of distraction and distress.

Cell Phones
Use good cell phone etiquette – indoor calls in common areas should be relatively brief and quiet. Book the conference room for longer, scheduled calls.  Also schedule the conference area if you tend to be a "loud talker".  Step outside when the weather allows.  

Let's keep the space neat and clean and take home or toss what you bring in with you.

Membership includes bringing guests to meetings in the small conference room. This should last no more than 2 hours.
"Guests" are defined as:

"Guests" are not defined as:
Kids coming after school or from after school activities
Friends wanting to pop in to say hi and hang out
If frequent guests are coming by weekly, they should be members - nuff said.

Stowe Office Share makes a printer available as a courtesy. If you anticipate a large project, the UPS Store and XPress in Stowe offer these large project services and can often accommodate same day service.

Sorry, no pets, we love them but we just can't have them as guests in this space.

The small kitchen is to store your food for the day in the fridge, heat up a meal or hot drink, refill your water bottle or wash your container. It's pack in, pack out daily and leave no trace. Nothing is worse than opening a hummus container that has a full grown beard.